Saturday, December 24, 2005

Attraction Principle in Covert Hypnosis


By Kevin Hogan

I introduced The Attraction Principle to...the world in 2002.

How would you like to draw almost anything into your life that you want? What would happen if you actually could make yourself a magnet to people, money, and everything that is good!??!?!

The Attraction Principle is a pattern I developed that seems like a metaphysical concept, when in reality it is a principle grounded in science. The Attraction Principle helps you use Covert Hypnosis to direct your client's thinking so they have the tools necessary to reach almost all of their goals.

You See That Which You Already Have in Your Mind

An illustration will help start us out.

In 2000, I decided to purchase a Honda Accord. Consumer Reports said it was the best car in its class. (Even better than the Camry I once owned.) So, I simply went to the Honda dealership and asked to buy the Honda Accord. I didn't even know what a Honda Accord looked like. I just brought my checkbook and pen. They showed me a bunch of models and ultimately I bought a gold Accord. It rode beautifully on the test drive and I was fine with it. I wrote the check and shortly thereafter I was out the door.

As I was driving over to the office I noticed several things. The first thing I noticed was that there were a LOT of Honda Accords and quite a few that were seemingly as new as mine! Everywhere I looked on the road I saw the Honda logo and most often it was attached to the Accord. I hadn't remembered seeing an Accord in weeks before my 20 minute drive to the office. This day I saw a dozen Honda's en-route. I was really quite surprised at just how many people owned these cars!

(Now that's the self hypnosis version of Covert Hypnosis!)

Of course I ultimately remembered that I used to see Toyotas. I saw Toyotas everywhere for the previous ten years. I saw Avalons and Camrys. Celicas and Corollas. Everywhere. But now of course I owned a Honda and my reticular activating system in my brain was picking up Hondas....everywhere. My brain had a new filter and antenna. It filtered out all the other cars and brought to my attention all of those cars which were like that which I owned and now liked.

That's how the brain works. Women know that when they buy a shirt or a dress they notice that everyone else wears the same thing! Of course no more people own the shirt or the dress today than did a few days earlier but indeed the brain now filters out all of the unimportant stuff and filters in all of that which is "yours" or important to "you." The brain is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship.

The Difference between Success and Failure

Now, what's wonderful is that the Attraction Principle is just like this. Napoleon Hill figured this out 75 years ago...and it wasn't new then. Even in old writings like the Bible there are hints on "that which you think on is yours." People call this manifestation. Of course manifestation is just one of two key parts of the Attraction Principle. The other part is ACTION. Getting clients to take action though is a bit more challenging than simply thinking of attractive things and people they want in their lives!

Some people can get a real clear picture of what they want in their mind and they are presented opportunities everywhere to acquire that thing or state of mind but they don't take action on accomplishing or acquiring the desired object.

The Attraction Principle in Healing

Let me share with you how powerful the Attraction Principle is to me.

When I found out I had Hyperkeratosis/Leukoplakia on my right vocal cord earlier this year, I knew I had a pre-cancerous lesion and that I could be in serious trouble. I knew I had to take as much action as possible to help the Mind/Body link start whatever healing process could possibly take place.

I went to the University of Minnesota medical library and read everything I could about Hyperkeratosis and Leukoplakia. Most of what I read was very ugly. The reality of cancer was fear-provoking, but I knew from my Mind Body research that the more you know about a disease or disorder the better your chance is to recover for it. I finally found the medical book that had the surgical procedure for removing the leukoplakia. I memorized the procedure. I knew that I would have to have general anesthesia, something I did NOT want to experience. I knew they would put a mouth guard on my teeth to protect it from the tube that would get inserted into my throat. I learned how to use the laser that would be used to shave the leukoplakia off my cord and I learned how to take a biopsy...I saw it go under the microscope and I heard the lab people saying, "the cells are fine, no signs of cancer at all."

I did this operation between 20 and 50 times per day in my mind. The one- hour procedure could be done in about 5 minutes in my mind. Sometimes I did the procedure in my mind and I was fearful. Eventually it became boring and more matter of fact to where I seriously determined that I could do it on my self with a local anesthetic!

Four weeks to the day after the diagnosis I went back for a recheck. I still could hardly speak and had no volume. And, on that day, August 7, the doctor said, "It's gone."

Just like I had imaged it hundreds of times. Of course it was gone, I had done the surgery over 500 times in the four weeks.

The Attraction Principle:

Imaging x Action = Result

Now, don't think that every imaging will manifest itself in real life because you think it will. Also, don't believe for a moment that just because I took all the right actions by researching hyperkeratosis and leukoplakia that it means that everyone will get well in similar circumstances. I simply utilized the resources I had at hand and was fortunate enough to have a positive result.

Of course, this can be a chronic condition. Many people have hyperkeratosis, it's removed surgically and it comes back. I know that I also have to take other actions to make sure that doesn't happen!

For the Honda, of course there are lots of other cars out there. I still see Toyotas and other cars but I see a lot more Hondas than other cars because it is important to me.

What you want to do for your clients is determine who and what they want in their life and clearly image that or that person. Do they want a business partner, a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, money, travel to an exotic location? Whatever it is, that's the starting point. That’s got to become the clarity and certainty of ownership. Just like the surgery. It has to be obvious and second nature that the result is there.

Next, you must help your client make a mental map of specifically what they will do in order to acquire that result, person, type of person or thing. Everything starts with a thought but without action, the concept of manifestation is simply a leading cause of frustration. Your client must do and be prepared to offer energy and value for that which they want and desire.

What follows is the blueprint for utilizing the Attraction Principle in session. This is not a script as will become obvious. It is a model that you can adapt to every client’s specific needs!

The Attraction Principle Pattern

Prompt 1: “Close your eyes and allow yourself to breathe. Focus on your breath. (Have your client take three deep breaths, in/out and put all of their attention on their breath.)There have been many things and people you have wanted in your own life…for some time…and now…I would like you to focus your attention and intention on just one very specific thing or person or kind of person you want to appear in your life….now…When you have this in mind raise your right finger.

Prompt 2: Now what I want you to do is tell me, in great detail, an experience where you have this person or place in mind.
(They describe this to you.)

Prompt 3: Excellent. Now, I want you to tell me, in great detail, another time (place) where this person/thing is in your life…in the very near future…
(They describe this to you.)

Prompt 4: Excellent. Now, I want you to tell me, in great detail, another time (place) where this person/thing is in your life…in the very near future…
(They describe this to you.)

Prompt 5: Now what I want you to do is tell me all of the specific steps and the sequence of steps it will take fulfill this manifestation into your life.

(They should give you a detailed process. If they don’t prompt with “and after you X, what happens next?” “And then what” THE PROCESS THEY DESCRIBE TO YOU SHOULD BE AN OBVIOUS SEQUENCING THAT ASSURES THEIR DREAM/PERSON/GOAL/RESULT/OUTCOME.

Prompt 6: Excellent. Now, in great detail, describe for me why you must allow this person/thing to come into your life beginning now.
(They describe this to you.)

Prompt 7: Wonderful. Now, bring the picture of this person/place/thing clearly into your mind in such a way that it is very enticing and makes you excited and energized. –pause-
(OR whatever emotions are appropriate to this specific person/place/thing!)
…allow yourself to experience this now and see all of the enjoyment, excitement (again be appropriate to the context of the desire) and happiness this will bring you and tell me when will you begin the process of bringing this into your life?

Prompt 8: Very good. Now, pay attention to your breathing and when I say the number one, you can open your eyes and feel energized ready to bring in to your life all that you richly deserve. 3…2…1…

Use the Attraction Principle Pattern of Covert Hypnosis and experience the Power of the results!


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