Monday, March 19, 2007

The Secret Law of Attraction Exposed Live

The Secret- The Law of Attraction - The Seductive Movement Completely Exposed

The hit movie and runaway best selling book have struck a chord in Americans.

What is it about The Secret that has captivated the minds of millions?

Authors of The Secret say that your mind vibrates electromagnetic waves
that entrain with other objects and living beings that vibrate similarly in the
universe and bring them magnetically to the individual. "Like attracts like,
just like a magnet." (Magnets: Opposites attract.)

Specifically, Author Rhonda Byrne says that you can "think of a feather
and it will appear." She says that it's "as easy to attract $10,000 as it is $1."
And, she says it's all a law that is proven by science and was known by
Churchill, Einstein, Plato and Beethoven, to name a few.

She quotes Buckminster Fuller as having said that there is an abundance
of wealth on the planet, "enough for $12 MILLION dollars per person.

What possibly could be wrong with such a law of science?

One co-author says, 'It's like the law of gravity..."it works all the time, every time."

Wednesday night you can join Blair Warren, Dave Lakhani and Kevin Hogan
and find out just what lies behind the claims of The Secret. Find out what Oprah and
Larry King didn't tell you...and why...

* Is there really a Law of Attraction that works like gravity...every time...
all the time?
* Is all you have to do to get ANYTHING you want in life, "picture it in your
mind, get a good feeling about it, be open to receive it?"
* What was the influence of Spiritual Beings on the exposition of this Universal Law?
* Why were some people cut from the movie at the last minute?
* Why have the promoters of the book and movie stopped doing television and media interviews?
* What dangers lie in your family because of The Secret?
* Why is The Secret the single most potentially destructive book published since Mein Kampf?
* If The Secret is so dangerous, why did it attract some of the world's best marketers?
* Someone told you, "The Secret worked for me. I know it's for real." Find out what that really means.
* Do Countries really attract genocide? (Lesson Two of The Secret says "yes." What's the truth?)
* Do little girls really cause their own rapes and murders. Secreters say "yes." What's the truth?

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