Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (Part 2)

The lesson is what can YOU do to "make your SELF," Coca Cola, McDonald's, or the superior appearing wine?

Let's find out...

Recent Coffee Challenge

Recently McDonald's won a surprising title. Consumer Reports reported that in blind tests that McDonald's COFFEE tasted better than Starbucks.

I think we both know what would have happen if the test had NOT been blind. But here's what's more interesting yet...

...I don't drink a lot of Coffee (mostly tea).

Influence Research: Power of Thinking Without Thinking...I was with my friend Mark Ryan on our way to a convention and he wanted to stop at McD's to get something to drink and he suggested Coffee. I remembered the white styrofoam cup and I saw no reason to do such a thing...but I was SO curious about how good it would taste...

...the gal gave us our Coffee and they came in these VERY cool cups that had text and color on them indicating stuff that I remember as environmentally friendly. (I didn't keep the cup nor did I think I'd be writing about it, but you get the idea.) It was almost as cool looking as "a Starbucks!"

My grandfather always talked to me about the "power of perception." He wanted me to write a book with that title with him.

Perception Causes Action
Every day I see how perception causes people to do things that logic or reality never would.

Later, at the very end of this article I want to show you some fascinating research about how OTHER PEOPLE'S CHOICES and PERCEPTIONS change YOUR choices!

Basically the concept is this. Everyone is snobby about something. Some people only wear Nike or drink Coke or whatever.

And THEN something interesting happens. People can wear the same clothes for years, but when some other group of people starts to wear the clothes (or whatever) that YOUR GROUP wears, you SWITCH to another brand!

KEYPOINT: You and I do a lot of stuff because it DEFINES our IDENTITY. As soon as the products we use fail to differentiate us from others we do NOT want to be identified with, we CHANGE our choices.

To Be Continued...
Come back soon!