Saturday, June 16, 2012

Persuasive Questions

Persuasive Questions

by Kevin Hogan

One of the most effective tools in Covert Hypnosis is the use of questions.

Of the questions people can ask, there are more than two dozen types or classifications. The first I want to share with you are "Focused Questions."

Use a focused question to change what the other person considers. 

Focused questions are quite useful and must be asked very deliberately and carefully of others with as much forethought as possible.  When you ask this type of question of someone else, you must have a clear idea of the thought-direction you want to take the other person and then once that experience is fresh in their mind, you must know what you will ask next.

A good, sharp, focused question will set the other person’s thoughts in a particular direction.  Then, you can choose another question type from the ‘Chart of 26’ and really begin to persuade under pressure.

The following are examples of focused questions:

“How would things have been different if you never would have met (person A)?”

“What is good about the way things have turned out?”

“How did your parents prepare you for situations like this?”

“Who would be the best person to help you in this situation?”

“What would be the outcome if you believed “x” instead?”

“What would be different if X were not true?”

“How do you know, with total certainty, that you are right?”

“Could there be another right answer here?”

“If there were another solution here, what could it be?”

 Getting people to focus on answers bypasses conflict of all kinds. One of my favorite questions...without question!