Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Covert Persuasion

The Subliminal Factor: Causing Successful Subliminal Persuasion

(Part One)
Kevin Hogan

I’ve found 13 factors in creating effective subliminal messages. There are probably more.
In this series of blog posts, I want to show you a number of these factors and discover how you can use them at the office, the club, the bar and with almost anyone you choose.

Part of my mission on this orb has been about giving my friends the edge in life. The edge over the competition, against the scamsters, the edge on achievement of goals and desires.

All subliminal influence that IS effective…is because the triggers are hardwired like telephone lines your brain.

For example:

People buy the “Instant__________” because they are greedier than they are smart.

• Instant Billionaire
• Instant Influence
• Instant Weight Loss
• Instant Fame
• Instant Pick a Desire

And, there is a *lot* of money to be made in the “quick buck business.”
I can confirm to you that I was asked to co-venture a promotion where you would spend $10,000 (I would get paid 1/2) and the claim was that you would be able to simply “imagine” and “think” about something and it would manifest. No kidding. And in fact, I am regularly asked to put someone’s junk in Coffee for you to look at….and try to kindly refuse. Let someone else do it. I’m having Coffee with you.

Now, if I tell you that something which is claimed to be spectacular… is true…, there is a reason to consider the proposition (which is why I was chosen to be a vehicle of the message to you). You’ve trusted me for 5 or 6 years or however long you’ve been with me on Monday morning. And you know that if it’s in Coffee, it’s worth considering. You’ve been “primed” to know that what we talk about is worthy, trustable and typically falls in the realm of usefulness, value and fun.

So, many would consider that $10,000 is worth exchanging for Kevin Hogan telling them that they would get something for nothing, virtually instantly, like unexpected piles of money in the mailbox. (And I am not kidding, that is precisely what this “opportunity” that I let you miss was about.)

How and why was this amazing program going to work?

• Because you imagine it.
• Because it’s the nature of the universe.
• Because it’s understanding the nature of the universe and utilizing that.
• Because you did affirmations for it.

And that is total garbage and though I rarely name names, don’t ever fall for it.

Let me ask you this. Do YOU have a greedy side?

How about the people you live with?

Your customers?

What do YOU think and then tomorrow we’ll look at the research…

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Covert Hypnosis and Resistance

When Resistance is Likely, Distraction Triggers a Receptive Mind

One of my favorite Techniques

Festinger and Maccoby conducted an experiment in which they attempted to prevent members of their audience from inventing arguments to refute messages being presented to them. (AKA resistance in hypnosis.)

This was accomplished by simply distracting the audience somewhat while the communication was being presented. Two groups of students were required to listen to a tape about the evils of college fraternities. The argument was powerful and was obviously not going to be well received by the audiences.

During the presentation to one of the groups, the audience was also distracted by a highly entertaining silent film. (That group is engaged in TWO tasks simultaneously.) The other group was not disturbed by a film. They simply listened to the tape.

What were the results of the experiment? The students who were distracted by watching the film underwent substantially more opinion change against fraternities than did the students who were not distracted.

The distracted mind is easier to manipulate and create change in than the undistracted mind.

Resistance is inherent.

Expect it.

Anticipate it.

Erickson said there was no such thing as resistance. Erickson was wrong. We now know that there is resistance. There is resistance AND there is reactance.

There is resistance in the mind of every human being to that which the individual does not believe to be true. There is resistance in the mind of each person to that which creates fear within the individual.

If any ego state is not in alignment with what messages are being shared between two people, resistance will be experienced. Be aware of this now. The resistant person more often than not needs to experience pictures he creates in his mind, not pictures created by you. (See: The Hypnotherapy Handbook, Hogan)

Your task is simply to direct people to the right pictures!