Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Covert Hypnosis Tricks

Subtle Influence Tricks offer you a proven way to make difficult things easy. This is true whether these "things" are influencing your Self or someone else.

Here's an example or two of tricking the brain.

Common problem:

Someone has been trying to lose weight forever. All you need to be healthy is to lose about 30 pounds. You count calories....but you always seems to go over your set amount for the day. You usually does well in restraining your Self during the day but then at night you decide to reward your Self with a large amount of junk food.

Sound right?


2/3 of American adults today are overweight. How did this happen? Were Americans born without a self-control gene?

Besides having easier access to fatty, fast, processed foods, what else makes this country grossly less healthy than the rest of the world?

When people feel they have made progress towards a goal, it's like a switch turns off pursuit of that goal. When people eat smaller portions of foods throughout the day, they feel they have made progress towards their goal, their self control switch turns OFF and they allow indulgence.

People have a tendency to choose smaller rewards immediately, instead of choosing a larger reward for later.

In this case, one prefers to indulge now isntead of feeling good about theirselves later. To get to a point where you can resist immediate small...fleeting rewards to obtain a later larger reward...takes mental discipline.

Here's the first Covert Hypnosis TRICK.

1) Get rid of the junk food. Mere exposure to the problematic foods increases cravings for the food. If you must keep some problematic foods around, hide them. (really) Keep them on a different floor of the house. (really) When one experiences a craving, you are far more likely to get up from their current task and consume the food if it is closer in proximity to them.

Getting rid of the temptation is the first trick.

Here's the second Covert Hypnosis trick.

The average person fills up their gas tanks about twice per week. If no other junk food is kept in the house this is the perfect opportunity for a reward. 2 times per week you are given the opportunity to indulge by running into the gas station mart and grabbing a -small- treat. Without the constant impulse of going for the junk in the house, who knows, maybe you'll forget to indulge all together and opt for that bowl of fruit at home instead.

Here's the third Covert Hypnosis trick.

Eat alone, TV off. New studies have shown people eat over 200 calories more in front of the tv or with people. And they don't realize it.

Humans (and particularly American humans) grossly underestimate the amount of calories they consume. When people savor their food and eat slower, they will feel fuller before consuming our full meals. The brain doesn't register being full for about 20 minutes after you start eating, so people think (fallaciously) that they need to keep eating because they don't feel full quite yet.

Here's the best Covert Hypnosis Trick: Eat off of the smallest dishes you have. You'll eat more and feel fuller if it APPEARS you have a big portion.

Remember Covert Hypnosis is bypassing the Critical Factor of the brain without resistance. This is the best kind of trick...when the brain is absolutely convinced one thing is happening when in fact, something else is happening.

Ah, and here is a bonus trick:

Eat, then shop. Much more is purchased when you go shopping hungry. Even if you aren't going to the grocery store, your hunger will take priority over fulfilling other needs, so you'll hurry, probably purchasing more than you intended in the first place.

Feeling those hunger pains? Don't be tricked, you may not actually be hungry.

We do not necessarily experience hunger pains because we need noursihment. We experience hunger pains becauase we train our bodies when to expect food, especially if we have a routine day. Remember Pavlov and his dog, classical conditioning? A way to combat this? Switch it up. Eating our larger meals at different times of the day can keep our bodies on their toes. Little snacks don't hurt either, constantly stimulating the digestive system throughout the day with SMALL snacks keeps up our metabolism-wait too long between meals and our metabolism halts.

Know what you want in life and THINK ABOUT IT OFTEN: the less people think about their future selves, the more people will be willing to indulge. If you don't have plans for the future, maybe it's time to start.

Those that are conscientious about their future health and wellbeing-because it is vital to reach their goals-are more likely to put off immediate indulgence because they see it as vital to their future selves to deny that Reeses or Tirimasu. Even just thinking about how you want to look and feel about yourself in a few years before ordering that triple chocolate cake can give you sufficient motivation to say, 'no thank you'.

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And for those of you wanting to learn Covert Hypnosis Tricks for other purposes than looking more attractive to others, think about each trick and match it to your specific scenario. Block out the trick. They are simple but it takes a little practice to get the concept of APPLICATION shifting.