Saturday, July 23, 2011

Covert Hypnosis and What Influences

Covert Hypnosis and What Influences

Nice guys finish last...unless they have a porsche?

Peacocks with the largest and most elaborate plumage will win the right to mate with a female...then says 'see ya' and leaves the female to parent his offspring. Peacocks are notorious for their wasteful displays that serve no other function but to spread their seed to as many peahens as possible, along with their low parental investment. They would have been the perfect companions for Ghenghis Khan. It is thought that 1/6 of all people are his descendants. Kudos

Analogously, it has been a common belief for years that men with flashy cars attract women.

But is this really true?

A new study conducted by Jill Sundie and colleagues published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology confirms this phenomenon with a resounding "YES".

Spending money on extra expensive goods is called conspicuous consumption. Usually these take form in sports cars, designer clothing and shoes, among other things that scream bling.

Men that are conspicuous spenders (think Porsche) that readily display their wealth tend to

-look for short term sexual relationships or one night stands
-attract far more females than more frugal men (think Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic)
-spend lots of money in hopes of romantic flings

However, females CAN and DO see through wasteful spending and showy displays.

Females will only prefer the conspicuous spenders if the female is also looking for short term relationships. Excessive spending signals to females that the males are looking for fun, and would probably be more interesting on a date.

Excessive spending DID NOT give men an advantage if they were looking for a long term mate:

Guys...if you are interested in a long term relationship but like to show off your wealth...your message is probably being lost in translation.

Women are more likely to go for the frugal spender if they are looking for something more long term. Flashy cars and expensive clothes won't get men anywhere if females are looking for someone who is loyal, can invest in a family, and would be a good father to their offspring. Marriage material.

Females can be conspicuous spenders too...but it's not because they are intending to attract a mate. Ask any just aren't on the top of their priority list. Sorry guys.