Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Secret Law of Attraction: The Lie

The Secret- The Truth Behind The Lie of the Century

Rhonda Byrne says that if you don't want to get fat....

"If you see people who are overweight, do not observe them, but immediately switch your mind to the picture of you in your perfect body and feel it."

Anyone who believes this is a naive or deplorable human being.

Replace the word, "overweight" with a different word, like "handicapped," "people with Cerebral Palsy," "people with Muscular Dystrophy," "people dying of AIDS," people who are paralyzed," "people who are homeless," "people who are starving."

See the problem?

The great teacher's philosophy is if it is ugly, look away, if it feels good, do it; if you don't want it, don't look at it.

People have said, I should "just try it."



I want to become a sociopathic sicko like the Law of Attractioner.

No thanks, I'll use the ATTRACTION PRINCIPLE that I developed about 2002 and take advantage of how the brain works to achieve success.

When people can simple LOOK AWAY from the child with cancer or the burn victim so they can "feel good inside," I'm sorry, that's a bunch of first class crap. That is horrifying to me. I don't want to "try" anything that has this level of cruelty no matter how much chocolate syrup someone puts on it.

And you think I exaggerate the horror of her teaching?

This ....woman.... goes this far and FURTHER.

Here is her response to a question about the women and children being raped and butchered in Rwanda?

"If we are in fear, if we're feeling in our lives that we're victims and feeling powerless, then we are on a frequency of attracting those things to us ... totally unconsciously, totally innocently, totally all of those words that are so important."

Yup, she's saying it's the women and children's fault.

So the Law of Attractioner ladies, are obligated to believe that if they have been raped, it's their fault anyway. They deserved it because that was the result they got.

Insane logic?

A friend of mine attracted a speeding ticket the other day because he was speeding.

The Attractioner works from result to premise.

You got it, therefore, you asked for it.

Same for children that are molested.

Same for those who starve.

Oh yeah, that's making me feel real good inside. Nice warm fuzzy.

It's become almost a religious cult fad that has an obvious viral effect. Lessons to be learned for all marketers here....


There is another problem and this one is even MORE SERIOUS.

People can attract genocide as easily as they can a new BMW. They can attract a feather even if there is no bird.


This is a LAW of SCIENCE.

We are so screwed....

There is nothing to "believe in."

IT is going to "WORK" whether you like it or not.

Like gravity.

Nothing to believe in or "try."

It just WORKS.

Except when it doesn't of course...which is...always.

It wouldn't draw my ire except that it causes pain on the individual and societal level and strips people of their hard earned money.

Marketers....James Cameron, the movie producer has caught onto this and has now indicated he believes that the bones of the family of Jesus have been found. And millions will believe and go see his movie. I'd explain why those bones almost certainly are not from Jesus or his family but time permits one topic today.

Marketers...a lot of people never put their brain in gear. You read the story about Mother Mary in the pizza obvious miracle...a sign...proof of God...

I mean after all you know what Mary the Mother of Jesus looked like right? You know she uh....wait...they didn't have camera's back then and Jews didn't draw or paint images of people as it was an abomination to their God. Oops. Well IF we knew what she looked like, trust me she'd look like the lady in the pizza pan.

Now, let's just pretend that that was a PHOTOGRAPH in the pizza pan and there have been camera's for two millenia....

What are the odds it would be the Mother of Jesus?

Why would it be the Mother of jesus?

Why wouldn't it be your Mom or Mine????

As soon as you give people what is called a "Prime" they are influenced to believe whatever that Prime was and will think in "contexts" related to the prime.

If I say George Washington...then ask you to write down the name of a man, most people write down the name of a historical figure in American Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin.

if I say Jesus, Christians tend to write one word names like, Paul, John, Mark, Matthew, Thomas.

That's one kind of priming.

Is the photograph in the pizza pan Mary the Mother of Jesus?

Obviously not, but millions will tell you it is, because it "looks just like her," except we haven't a clue what she looked like. Not a clue in the world. But we are primed by the thought of having TV, cell phones that take pictures, you name it....and never remember that there were no images of people in those days painted or drawn by Jews.

And are they the bones of Jesus family?

Why Jesus the son of Joseph and Mary and not one of thousands of other families? The probability is so tiny it's barely worth looking at. (And yes they should look and check it out)

Now you take all this DaVinci-esque cool stuff and pop it on the cover of THE SECRET and you are primed to BELIEVE.

To say this is brilliant marketing is to fall short. It is beyond brilliant. This TV producer with no thought or care for humanity and the human condition certainly can make a quality production. She understands how mainstream women think. She has captured it brilliantly.

And the marketers out there hawking the book did a great job. The best amazon promo I've ever seen.

But really, am thankful that The Secret is a Lie, The Secret isn't anything close to a physical law like gravity.......

.... because if it were true, I would have the ability to cause people's death just by thinking about it...worse...they could cause mine....or I could cure people just by thinking about it...or worse...they could give me some horrible disease by using their thoughts to manipulate the physical universe....

Which of course is one step short of insanity...or every plane that went up would crash and every person with a fear of heights would fall to their death.

Those with a fear of spiders or snakes would attract thousands of them to theatrical terror.


You think I'm being sarcastic but that is what Rhonda Byrne says happens when you live in fear of something. That's why all the poor Rwandan women and children were butchered, murdered....remember?

And if people stop looking at you, realize it's because people who have THE SECRET don't want to look at fat people. That's how you lose weight.

I kid you not. Rhonda Byrne SAID that in the same interview she explained how the children of Rwanda brought on their own genocide. (not the fault of the killers, the fault of the CHILDREN)

From Newsweek: "The Secret" is saying. Its explicit claim is that you can manipulate objective physical reality—the numbers in a lottery drawing, the actions of other people who may not even know you exist—through your thoughts and feelings. In the words of "author and personal empowerment advocate" Lisa Nichols: "When you think of the things you want, and you focus on them with all of your intention, then the law of attraction will give you exactly what you want, every time." Every time! Byrne emphasizes that this is a law inherent in "the universe," an inexhaustible storehouse of goodies from which you can command whatever you desire from the comfort of your own living room by following three simple steps: Ask, Believe, Receive.

Thankfully, no one, has that kind of power or ability....nor would want it.Kevin Hogan