Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking (Part 1)

Imagine if you will....

There are two different bottles of wine in front of you. A glass is poured from each bottle.

Which will taste best?

I bet you're thinking that you won't know until after you taste them.

And you would be wrong.

The fact is that on average the wine will tase good or bad based upon your perception of the label on the wine.


That is pretty profound.

The LABEL, the WORDS and APPEARANCE of the label determine how much you will like the wine.

And it doesn't just happen with wine. It happens with everything.

Power of Thinking Without Thinking
I'll show you some cool research later in this article as to how all of this thinking without thinking works, but last week, research was reported that children report that ALL FOOD that comes at McDonald's or in McDonald's, tastes better than those exact same foods served up at home.
That includes carrots and asparagus!

And this effect isn't just limited to wine drinkers and kids. It's broad spectrum...and even affects smart people like you and me!

Did you know that in blind taste tests, where Coca Cola is pitted against Pepsi Cola, that Pepsi is chosen as the better tasting brand about 60% of the time?

Here's what's more interesting....

....When the labels are visible, Coca Cola consistently is selected as the tastier choice!

That's how powerful "brand" is.

What's the lesson?

Part 2 Coming Tomorrow