Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What color should my website be?

"What color should my website be?"

If your customers compete against each other to get or use your product/service it should have more red.

If your customer/client feels themselves competing or negotiating with you on price you should have a blue background.

Red is a trigger for aggression/arousal.

Blue triggers calm.

Your job as a "marketer" is to think about what your client/customer is thinking/feeling when they ARRIVE at your page and if that is the state you desire them to be in. Notice that Facebook uses a blue background. "Come all day, stay, do nothing, don't worry, be happy, the universe will take care of everything." (See how that works?)


Sonya Lenzo said...

covert hypnosis" has a beige background with geese flying. It looks elegant, intelligent. Is that the point?